Miramar Restaurant and Moonlight Cocktail Bar next to the sea of Menorca.

In Miramar you will discover an elevated gastronomic experience that encourages the exploration of dishes to share in a beautiful and cozy atmosphere.

Rice specialists

It is undoubtedly our forte. 15 years as a reference in the area endorse us. Paellas or broths, meat or fish, lobster or lobster, the choice is yours.


in Miramar always fresh and ready to serve.

Great selection of light but tasty starters with care for detail. A classic but daring proposal combining the many or few marine or terrestrial resources provided by the island.

A careful handling of meat, seafood and fish will make your grilled, roasted or fried dishes surprise you even more if possible.

Cocktail at any time of day

Our little corner Moonlight Cocktail Bar next to the restaurant so you can enjoy any type of cocktail at any time of the day. 

It doesn't matter if you choose a classic like Gin & Tonic, Piña Colada or Sex on the Beach or you will fancy something more elaborate like Bloody JoanaMenorca ‘N TIKI or Monkey Island. Whatever it is, you always get your drink fresh and ready for you to enjoy by the sea.

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